Branson Aims Mid-2018 Space Trip as Virgin Resumes Powered Tests

Years more than 2 and a half after the fatal breakup of the experimental rocket Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson is set to restart engine test flights while the billionaire businessman aims for his first trip to space in the middle of next year.

Following the completion of a series of non-slip exits, engine tests are scheduled every three weeks in order to expand space by November or December Branson said in an interview. After its own flight, full commercial passenger operations should begin by the end of 2018, he said.

The Branson update is the most detailed since the original SpaceShipTwo October 2014 crash of Virgin Galactic, in which copilot Michael Alsbury died when the vessel was prematurely ripped free after a braking mechanism. While the Mojave Desert accident had only a few months before the first commercial flight was to be expected, Branson said that the ability to travel to the confines of the space remains intact, leaving a number of competitors.

“We will never be able to build enough spacecraft,” Branson said Wednesday in Hong Kong after the introduction of Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd. of Melbourne. “The lawsuit is huge.”

Branson was a leader of the new space race then founded Virgin Galactic in 2004. Since then, rivals like Blue Origin LLC Jeff Bezos and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Elon Musk, or SpaceX have grown up, focusing on reusable rockets to reduce the cost of Space travel.

Wednesday, SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon 9 10 rocket from 2017, just over a week after sending a total of 11 communications satellites with two rockets, the first stage amplifiers recovered from their subsequent reuse.

Musk The company has contracts with NASA about $ 4.2 billion for the transportation of astronauts and supplies to the Space Station.

The new Blue Shepard rocket flew suborbital space five times since November 2015. The suborbital space is high enough so that passengers undergo weightlessness but not high enough to orbit Earth.

Branson, 67, on July 18, said there was a role for various delivery systems, particularly the deployment of satellites, considered as a positive element for Virgin Galactic’s future activity. The company’s Orbit Virgin arm is working on a two-stage rocket that will carry small satellites, with the test rocket to be removed from an aircraft in the first quarter of 2018, the Briton said.

“There is certainly demand for all three,” Branson said on competing projects. “We can take off within 24 hours a few satellites and the back.” With rockets land, there is a long waiting time. Elon has larger rockets, so he has advantages there.

Branson declined to comment directly announced Donald Trump June 30 will restart a board at the time of the Cold War, which helped form space policy or at the suggestion of the United States president that private companies should play “an important role” In the next phase of space technology.

“I think to myself, Jeff Bezos and Elon are doing it,” he said. “I do not think I heard anything very exciting that came out of the administration in terms of space, but maybe we were surprised.”

Virgin Galactic will also play a role in developing the planned supersonic plan elements Boom Technologies, Branson said, and will build parts of the XB-1 demonstrator in which it plans to start the United States to begin work before the end of this Year, according to

Branson, a UK vocal opponent to leave the European Union, said he hoped the country now faces a ‘lovelier’ Brexit of the company following the May general election results, which left the conservatives In power with fewer seats and depend on the support of a party.


There’s pent up demand for the iPhone 8, say analysts. Here’s what that means for Apple

New analyst notes from Citi and Instinet suggest that there is a cumulative consumer demand for Apple iPhone 8, which is expected to begin this fall.

Demand for Apple’s new, unannounced smartphone could hurt sales of the iPhone 7 this year in the months before the iPhone’s next release, the companies said.

“United States telecoms indicate that the rate update rate have not slowed iPhone 8,” Nomura Instinet Wednesday said.

The company added that “assertive promotions” iPhone 8 and the “rich mix” of the iPhone 8s models also increase the average selling price of Apple iPhones. Leading Jeffrey Kvaal Instinet is:

“A coffee bar offers a lot of avenues for actions.” Instinet has a purchase recommendation and a target price of $ 165 for Apple.

A note from Citi analyst Jim Suva tells a similar story, but is a bit more cautious.

Suva said that Apple CEO Tim Cook will “respond to a sudden drop in a seasonal problem in the iPhone application, as customers expect a major product launch, which usually occurs in September.”

However, Suva supports some of the volatility before the launch of the iPhone 8 could “create a particularly attractive entry point in the coming months.”

“We believe that Apple could return to sustainable growth after the iPhone 8,” he added.

Citi warns that it still believes that the massive amounts of iPhone 8 of the highest class will be available in October or November, which will lead to delays in manufacturing problems that combines the iPhone 8 fingerprint reader with the screen.

Citi will describe several catalysts, including opportunities in the booming service sector of Apple and the potential benefits of potential President Donald Trump to reduce the rate of repatriation tax.

Citi has a buy recommendation with a target price of $ 160 on Apple.


U.S. auto parts retailer shares hit by O’Reilly’s weak comp sales

(Reuters) – US auto parts retail shares fell sharply on Wednesday after O’Reilly Automotive Inc. (ORLY.O) said its comparable store sales were well below the company’s estimates for Second quarter due to mild winter and low demand.

O’Reilly shares fell 18.9% to $ 178.77 in the largest daily decline in percentage and also reduced the proportion of its competitors.

The company said sales in stores open for at least 12 months were up 1.7 percent, compared with a forecast of a 3 percent increase to 5 percent.

On average, analysts expected quarterly sales O’Reilly same store increase of about 4 percent, according to Thomson Reuters I / B / E / S.

Weak demand probably reflects a lackluster confidence of low-end consumers, those earning less than $ 50,000 per year, who had less cash, partly because of increased health care, debt and costs Of housing, said Wedbush analyst Seth Basham.

These consumers are part of the main group of customers in the auto parts industry (DIY) auto parts.

The trust of minorities such as Hispanics, a key group for DIY auto salespeople, flows. They avoid leisure travel and have saved money for fear of being held under the immigration policy of the Trump administration said Basham.

Increased competition from e-commerce actors like Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) could also have been one of the factors that had an impact on even O’Reilly’s store sales, according to analysts.

O’Reilly, which generates about 58 percent of its 2016 sales to DIY customers, said the lack of comparable store expenses would also have an impact on its operating profitability in the second quarter.

Competitors’ shares Autozone Inc (AZO.N) and Advance Auto Parts Inc (AAP.N) also reached the lowest levels for several years.

Advance Auto closed 11.1% at $ 105.21 and the Auto Zone fell 9.6% to $ 516.83.

Short sellers were preparing to make money in the sector. A short interest for the three retailers peaked at $ 2,017 $ 4.8 billion on June 14, according to S3 Partners data. It fell to 4.2 billion Monday and is expected to fall to 3.7 billion after Wednesday’s share price.

“We have found an additional short in all three stocks while short sellers continue to build their positions in anticipation of further weakness in the sector,” S3 Partners said Tuesday after the market closed.


How Uber may have improperly taxed its drivers

Amid the Uber upheaval that led to the resignation of Travis Kalanick as CEO, the company announced a series of changes at the end of June to enhance the working experience of its drivers, there are including a new deposit option in their application Passengers.

But even if Uber made a concerted effort to win drivers, he has not recognized all the ways in which he can push in the state of New York.

In May, Uber has agreed to take excessive commissions on the rates of its New York drivers, who are independent contractors, and pledged fines. The increase in evidence, however, suggests that the company may have failed drivers much larger sums than it acknowledged.

The following signs indicate that the improperly deducted service that could represent hundreds of millions of dollars of profits for drivers who pay taxes under New York State law are duly required by passengers:

Subtracting the tax rate that a driver receives is not in itself proving that drivers pay the tax. Authorities say Uber’s 19.16-meter rate has already included the tax – just as a $ 1 pizza includes taxes – and that it was therefore appropriate for Uber to collect the tax by subtracting the price drivers receive And send to the government.

In 2015, Uber began to think this approach in his passenger payment so that a passenger would have to pay the price includes sales tax and workers’ compensation surcharge.

(Under the Uber system, published sales tax is sometimes calculated on a pre-trip passenger fare that does not necessarily correspond to the measured speed.)

In practice, the way a company shows a tax revenue is not, in one way or another, if the driver or the passenger actually pays the tax.

To determine who actually pays in a case like this, is whether the price the company charges passengers does include taxes. If this is not the case, the passenger does not pay the tax – the driver, regardless of the amount indicated by the passenger.

One way to look at this is to compare Uber trips as represented to New York with the way they have represented trips to other States that apply a tax.

In Nevada, which applies a 3 percent tax on Uber’s wrinkles – formally a consumption tax – measured rates listed on travel receipts do not include tax. Instead, the tax was added above the fare, so the passenger has paid the price that the driver received plus taxes.

Receiving a trip from Reno to Carson City shows a “transportation recovery charge” of $ 1.36; That is, the addition of taxes at $ 42.67 fee. Both were paid for by the passenger.

This contrasts with the way Uber operated in New York the company has generally deducted from the tax rate of $ 42.67 that the driver and the passenger received should not have to pay an additional amount for taxes.

Receipts from Rhode Island, another state with a sales tax, have shown that Uber tax rates added that the driver received.

Uber declined to comment on this article. The sales tax issue is being contested as part of a Uber lawsuit filed by the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, a group of drivers.


China’s ‘dockless’ bike sharing could be coming to a street near you

Companies roll in the U.K, the United States and beyond, to disrupt existing programs with their colorful fleets of bicycles that do not require docking stations.
One of China’s biggest Mobike operators, he has unveiled his 1000 orange bicycle wheels in the rainy English city of Manchester Thursday, marking his first foray out of Asia.

“Manchester will be a springboard for Europe,” said Chris Martin, head of international business expansion.

His great rival, Ofo, arrived in Europe first, launching a small fleet of bright yellow bikes in the English university city of Cambridge in April.

OFO also quietly bicycles in Silicon Valley and San Diego tested.

Bicycling sharing has become a global company with nearly 1,000 operations spread all over the world. The industry should be worth up to 5.9 billion in 2020, according to a report released last year by research firm Roland Berger.

Analysts say the Chinese model is an element of change. Bikes can be locked and unlocked anywhere through a smartphone application, which means users do not have to send them to the designated stations.

The rapid spread of this approach across China has already raised issues that include abandoned mountain bike and prostate companies.

After expansion in other Asian cities last year, Chinese bicycle starts are ready to take the West.

“We are very serious about international expansion,” said Zhang Yanqi, Ofo’s business manager.

“The last mile problem for travelers in the city is a global problem to solve,” he said.
The popularity of China’s bicycle sharing was carried out by users who take walks by the so-called “last mile” of their trip, the office subway station, for example.

Currently operates in 130 cities, mainly in China, and plans to increase this number to 200 by the end of the year, which is mainly extended more foreign places. The company wants to show that its bicycle exchange model “is global,” Martin said.

While they are struggling for customers, the two companies offer attractive prices for rides. After paying the deposit of between 200 and 300 yuan ($ 29- $ 44), users can get on a bicycle for only 1 yuan (15 cents). In Manchester, the Mobike walk will start at 50 pence (65 cents).

Although low-priced rides raise questions about the fact that the business model is sustainable, some observers say Mobike and Ofo can go a long way with their current momentum.

“If you have a hyper adoption, you have a consumption phenomenon,” said Jeffrey Towson, a private equity investor and professor at Peking University. “You can understand how to make money in the future.”

Companies roll in the U.K, the United States and beyond, to disrupt existing programs with their colorful fleets of bicycles that do not require docking stations.

One of China’s biggest Mobike operators, he has unveiled his 1000 orange bicycle wheels in the rainy English city of Manchester Thursday, marking his first foray out of Asia.

“Manchester will be a springboard for Europe,” said Chris Martin, head of international business expansion. His great rival, Ofo, arrived in Europe first, launching a small fleet of bright yellow bikes in the English university city of Cambridge in April.

OFO also quietly bicycles in Silicon Valley and San Diego tested. Related: the case of the inevitable triumph of bicycles in cars The sharing of bicycles has become a global company with about 1,000 operations scattered around the world.

The industry should be worth up to 5.9 billion in 2020, according to a report released last year by research firm Roland Berger. Analysts say the Chinese model is a game changer.

Bikes can be locked and unlocked anywhere through a smartphone application, which means users do not have to send them to the designated stations.


Qatar Airways Joins Two Other Gulf Carriers Excused From the U.S. Laptop Ban

(Dubai) – Qatar Airways participated on Thursday in two other large Gulf big companies to laptops ban United States and electronics in large aircraft booths, despite logistical problems in the country diplomatic conflict with several Arab countries .

Arab-based Abu Dhabi-based Etihad in Doha, Qatar Airways, based in Dubai and Turkish Airlines, based in Istanbul, have established security procedures to comply with US authorities.

US authorities have instituted the ban in 10 cities in the Middle East in March, while Islamic state fighters and other extremists could hide bombs on laptops.

Qatar Airways said that with “immediate effect, all personal electronic devices can be transported at all departures from Hamad International Airport to destinations in the United States.” Hamad in Doha is the center of Qatar Airways.

“Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport met all the requirements of the US Department of Homeland Security’s new security guidelines and that thanks to the American and local authorities for their support during this process,” the company said in a statement. release.

“We also want to thank our loyal passengers for their understanding and patience while the ban was in place.”

The airline did not respond to questions about its new procedures. The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees US air transport safety, did not respond to a request for comment early Thursday.

The US laptop ban still applies to non-stop US flights from six airports in Amman, Jordan; City of Kuwait; Cairo; Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; And Casablanca, Morocco. Saudi Arabian Airlines said it expects to be off the ban list “no later than July 19.”

While Gulf airlines did not comment on security procedures, Turkish officials say that using TC equipment take pictures of cross-sections of the electronic front only that passengers plantation planes to the United States.

Istanbul airport also limit flights with the United States on two exit gates, apparently for better security.

Etihad, the flagship of the UAE, already has a US customs and border protection facility at its hub in Abu Dhabi that allows passengers to limit the projection that would otherwise land in America.

There is a worrying precedent for laptops used as pumps. Al Shabaab said Al Qaeda said it had placed a bomb inside a handheld device that exploded on a plane leaving Mogadishu in February 2016, killing only the bomber.

However, security issues also arise in the context of a broader conflict between Gulf Airlines and US carriers, which accuse Middle Eastern airlines of flooding the market with flights during the receipt of billions of dollars Unfair government subsidies. Gulf companies enjournent vigorously that.

The ban on the laptop, coupled with the travel ban of the triumph administration in six predominantly Muslim countries, has hurt airlines in the Middle East. Arabs, the largest in the region, said it had reduced its flights to America by 20% following restrictions.

Meanwhile, Qatar Airways has seen its flight path in many of its neighbors cut off from Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have severed diplomatic ties with Qatar on June 5

As the airline has placed more flights into Iranian and Turkish airspace by using a United Nations agency responsible for air travel supervision to reopen routes.

Qatar Airways also announced that it would buy 10% of American Airlines, which would cost around $ 2.4 billion and eventually could open the US market for the carrier.

The Qatari Foreign Minister on Wednesday said he did not believe that the delay Qatar Airways to leave the list of laptops had anything to do with the dispute. “This is an ongoing process and I am not relevant to any political crisis,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani in London.


Volvo, Betting on Electric, Moves to Phase Out Conventional Engines

Volvo Cars is Wednesday became the first automaker to signify the end of the internal combustion engine, saying that all models introduced since 2019 will be hybrids or driven solely by batteries.

The decision is the most audacious company any rental company major technologies currently represent a small part of the total vehicle market, but are considered increasingly essential in the fight against climate change and urban pollution.

Although most major manufacturers offer hybrid and battery options, none of them wanted to give up cars that only run on gasoline or diesel fuel. Instead, car manufacturers in the United States continued to generate tankers and vans, whose sales have increased due to relatively low fuel prices.

However, Volvo’s move may be the final sign that the era of gasoline consumption slowly coming to an end.

Tesla, which only a limited number of electric cars, outperformed Ford and General Motors this year in terms of market value, despite having many fewer cars than automobile giants – a clear indication of where investors place the industry Drive

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, a worse industry in November its digital future. 17, 2016
“Our customers are increasingly demanding electric cars,” said Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo CEO, during a telephone interview on Wednesday. Although the strategy has Volvo risks, M. Samuelsson has acknowledged “a much greater risk would be to stay with internal combustion engines.”

Although based in Sweden, Volvo is owned by Geely Automobile Holdings of China, which already produces battery cars for the Chinese market. Volvo’s decision to focus on electric vehicles could ultimately give Geely and a breakthrough if, as many analysts expect sales of battery-powered cars are starting to take off. China is already the largest market for electric vehicles.

Volvo battery-powered vehicles will be initially produced in China, but over time also in Europe and in a new company plant built near Charleston, C.C.

Hybrids, which combine battery power with gasoline or diesel engines, roughly 2 percent of US passenger car sales. Last year, a figure that has declined because gasoline prices fell.

And cars that work only on the battery are still rare in most countries due to the high purchase price, long charging times and limited ranges.

Even so, most automakers expect the proportion of electric cars to increase rapidly as technology improves, prices fall, and as public charging stations become more commonplace.

The rapid advances in auto-driving cars will also encourage a change in battery life: it is easier to connect the automatic control software for an electric motor to a conventional motor.

Automaker Daimler Mercedes-Benz trucks said on Wednesday they will invest 5 billion RMB, or $ 735 million in a new battery plant to be built in Beijing with its Chinese partner BAIC Motor.

Major US manufacturers argue with their own electrification strategies, albeit on a much smaller scale than Tesla and now Volvo.

General Motors, for example, this year features the Chevrolet Bolt – a battery-powered model that sells for about $ 35,000 before applying government incentives. Bolt can travel 238 miles on a single charge and will be the basis of other electric models that G.M expects to add to its programming.

Ford sold electric versions of some traditional models, but has not yet developed a fully electric vehicle from the beginning. However this changes. The company said it would introduce a smart battery S.U.V. 2020 and will add other electric models thereafter.

The third-largest national manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler, is staying. It sells an electric version of its subcompact Fiat 500 and a range of gasoline-electric hybrid of its minivan Chrysler Pacifica. But the company has not yet announced a project to build a new vehicle that is only available as an electric model.

Although the demand for electric cars is very low so far,


Volvo’s electric shift gives Tesla a shock

 (Reuters Breakingviews) – Volvo has just taken a bump from Tesla. The Swedish automaker announced on Wednesday it would stop producing new gasoline engines only from 2019 and move on to a variety of hybrids and fully electric.

This may not seem too important at first – the company, after all, accounted for only 0.6% of worldwide vehicle sales last year. But his plan summarizes the challenges facing the company to Elon Musk.

Certainly, Volvo stands out its engine proclaiming that “all electric”. It has not yet been planned to eliminate existing gasoline vehicles.

And that will keep the combustion engine in two of the three options that will be presented from two years – a hybrid plug-in that can use gasoline or electric power, and what he calls the soft hybrid like Toyota Prius, which converts The braking energy in electricity.

The industry sells more cars with engines such as powerful electric motors. This is especially true in China’s growing market, where nearly half of the electric and hybrid cars in the world are sold and the owner of Volvo Geely is based.

Tesla accounts for only 3 percent of electric and hybrid vehicle sales there, Barclays says. Local players who sell cheaper cars dominate; Meanwhile, people like Daimler and General Motors increased.

It is likely that this will further reduce the cost of batteries, which runs the risk of losing Tesla one of its main advantages.

It is emblematic of the growing competition Tesla faces everywhere. Virtually all car manufacturers offer electric and hybrid offerings, which are smaller vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf or i3 and BMW i8 speakers.

This does not mean that the musk company took a dead end. But it once again calls into question its aggressive goal of selling 500,000 vehicles by the end of next year – five times this year’s execution rate and just below what Volvo currently offers – and 1 million by 2020.

In addition, Tesla continues to suffer from growing pains. The latest change was the lack of batteries, which have kept production 40 percent below demand for much of the second quarter, the company announced just before July 4 on vacation.

This new and Volvo took more than 7% on the Tesla Stock Exchange Wednesday. While musician automobile operations in 25 times estimated earnings for 2020, compared to Toyota’s multiple more than 10 times earnings in 2017. More problems are ahead.


United Airlines gives 2-year-old’s seat away to standby passenger

United Airlines requires that children over 2 years old have their own entrances and occupy their seats, but that did not stop the airline from allowing a 27-month-old to be sitting on his mother’s lap after he accidentally flew his place.

Shirley Yamauchi said she and her son Taizo had boarded their flight from Houston to Boston June 29 – the last leg of an 18-hour flight from Hawaii – stand when a passenger approached and demanded that his seat was in Taizo.

“I told him that I had bought two tickets and he said he had the ticket in the dream.” He then prepares to sit in the middle, “Yamauchi told Hawaii News now.

Yamuachi said she tried to inform a flight attendant in the Taizo seat, but the woman said she could not do anything about it, since the flight was full.

Not wanting to make a scene – or worse, create an incident like the one that affected the age-old passenger who refused to give up his seat in April – Yamuachi Taizo sat on his lap and kept his mouth shut until he came to Boston.

“I started to remember all the incidents with the States in the news, the violence, the teeth are eliminated, I am Asian, I am afraid and I felt uncomfortable, I did not want these things,” he said. Hawaii News Now.

Upon arriving in Boston, Yamauchi was told to call a line from the United States to explain the situation. But when he finally succeeded and asked for a refund, he was told that states would have to cancel their trip back to Hawaii to do so, reports KITV.

A spokesman states to Fox News that the airline has already contacted Yamauchi to apologize for the incident.

The airline has also identified the cause of the careless assistance, explaining that the Taizo bill was scanned at the door.

“On a recent flight from Houston to Boston, they examined the inaccurate shipment of the shape of Mrs. Yamauchi’s son,” said United in a statement obtained by Fox News. “Consequently, her son’s seat did not appear to be registered, and he threw his seat to another client and Mrs. Yamauchi made her son for the flight.

“We deeply apologize to Ms. Yamauchi and her son for this experience,” the statement said.

“We will return your tickets and provide compensation as a gesture of goodwill. We also work with our employees to prevent this from happening again.”

“This is worrying,” Yamuachi said according to KITV. Everyone who helped me so far contradicted himself. With your suggestions, you must stop. United has made mistakes that make national headlines … but it continues. “


Hobby Lobby to pay $3 million fine, forfeit ancient artifacts

(CNN) Hall of Mania has agreed to waive thousands of modern Iraq artifacts and pay a $ 3 million fine to resolve a civil lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against the company, according to court documents .

The Justice Ministry said the company received the false-tagged artifacts from a UAE-based supplier.

Artifacts, ancient cuneiform tablets and clay bubbles are smuggled into the United States by the United Arab Emirates and Israel, justice officials said. Cuneiform is an ancient writing system in clay tablets that was used in Mesopotamia and the clay bubbles are clay balls on which the stamps have been printed.
Distributors working with hobby hall falsely labeled shipments as “pottery” and “samples” and sent them illegally at Hobby Lobby stores and two corporate offices, according to the Department of Justice.

The arts and crafts chain settled Wednesday with the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

Hall of Mania said he had cooperated with the investigation.

“In 2009, the hall of mania began to acquire a great variety of historical Bibles and other artifacts.

The development of a historically and religiously meaningful collection of objects about the Bible is consistent with the mission and passion of the Bible company, “said Hall of Mania in a statement.

“We should have exercised greater and carefully monitored how the acquisitions in question have been handled,” said Steve Green Hall president Steve Green in the statement.

“Hall of mania has cooperated with the government through its investigation and, with the announcement of today’s agreement is satisfied that the problem has been resolved.”

Green and a consultant traveled to the UAE in July 2010 to inspect the artefacts for sale, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“In October 2010, a legal expert of cultural property held by hall of mania has warned the company that the acquisition of cultural goods that tend to be from Iraq, including cuneiform tablets and cylindrical seals, danger that these objects were Looted from archeological sites in Iraq, “the Foreign Ministry said.

“The expert also advises hall of mania to examine his collection of antiques for any object of Iraqi origin and verify that the country of origin has been properly declared at the time of its importation into the United States.”

The expert told the mania corridor that poor reporting country could result in the confiscation of customs and border protection artifacts, according to the Justice Department.

Despite warnings from the legal expert of cultural property, hobby hall has launched an agreement to buy artifacts 5,548 to $ 1.6 million in December 2010, a deal “full of warning signs,” said the Ministry in justice.

“The protection of cultural heritage is a mission that US and US Customs and Border Protection investigations take very seriously, because we recognize that while some may price these artifacts, Iraqis see them as they do not have Price, “said Angel Melendez, special agent in charge, who led the investigation with the Office of the Federal Prosecutor.

Following the research, Hall of Mania is committed to implement policies in the purchase of cultural goods, to provide necessary staff training, hiring qualified consultants and customs agents and customs to submit quarterly reports to the government of a Cultural asset it buys for the next eighteen months, according to the Justice Department.

Correction: This story has been edited to clarify which hall of the mania has received artifacts falsely labeled from the manufacturer, according to the Ministry of Justice. UAE-based distributors involved in transactions were falsely labeled as “pottery” and “samples” and illegally sent to Hobby Lobby stores and affiliated companies in the United States, according to the ministry.