In ‘Ayaal Sassi’, a man takes his hunger for attention all the way to his grave

Sassindran or Sassi as his close friends call him, is a man who can adapt to any locker as long as he can also adapt to fame. It is called an aging artist, but it passes the students’ work into the fine arts like yours.

To increase his social status, he adopts Namboothiri as his surname and chooses to live in a Brahmin colony, but can withstand the welcome celebrations for the progressive cultural group to cook a delicious curry chicken and drink like a fish.

When Sassi said he suffers from advanced liver cancer, he returns to his ancestral home near the river and invests his money in the purchase of a new generation of smart coffin that can play videos and photos his Facebook page and live tributes from his friends and relatives.

Saji de Malajalam de Sajin Baabu Ayal Sassi (That Sassi individual), which was published on July 6 gives this strange character and attentive to the attention of a whole movie.

With Sassindran, played by acclaimed actor Sreenivasan Baabu holds a mirror for someone who wants desperately and willing to be viral, even if death becomes an opportunity for Facebook to like.

A self-taught filmmaker who debuted with Asthamayam Vare in 2014, Baabu perfectly throws Sreenivasan role on the stand alongside a cast of newcomers including Kochu Preman, Marimayan Sreekumar and Divya Gopinath.

In the week when he was in the theater, said Baabu qu’Ayaal Sassi has had a respectable career despite the challenges. “For various reasons, the release date has changed,” he said.

“The film was finally released during the monsoon, which is not a good time for those hoping for a dramatic contribution to the theater. Critics liked the film, although some felt that such a movie is not the cup of tea for everyone” .

A smart coffin impulse triggered the idea of ​​Ayaal Sassi. “After my first movie I was working on another script for a long time,” Baabu said. “Then I read the report.

He was immediately inspired to write a few lines, but had no plans to develop the idea in a movie. Later, things changed and I realized that I had to take a different and viable theme for my second film.

So I saw the lines I wrote and started to develop in a script. The film is a product of my observations on the various aspects of today’s society. I chose to find these observations in a satirical tone. ”

Having started making films and documentaries from the campus, Baabu’s interest in cinema flourished by attending the Kerala International Film Festival.

At dusk, which deals with complex issues of theology, the existence of sexuality and the person, he was screened at IFFK, where he won two awards.

Get a veteran actor Sreenivasan to act in his second film cemented the position Baabu as a director. “When I finished the first draft, I thought no one else would have the part,” said the director.

“Satire and shake hands.When I was told the skeleton of the story, I was more or less interested.When I read the script, I agreed to play the role.”