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Opinion: India’s standoff with China is not about helping Bhutan – but in its own national interest

China insists that the Doklam outbreak is unlike any other border conflict between China and India. In response to comments by Foreign Ministry S Jaishankar that the two countries had peacefully resolved the border issue in the past, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang reiterated on July 12 that this problem was different .

It is difficult to predict what the Chinese could do. However, Geng gave an indication in the context of Kashmir, China “plays a constructive role in improving relations between Pakistan and India.”

A few days ago, a Chinese scholar suggested that Beijing could respond to the intervention of India in the Doklam tray enter Jammu and Kashmir in the name of Pakistan. Many in India would be surprised to know, but China’s official position is that Kashmir is a controversy that must be resolved by India and Pakistan.

More recently, in May this year, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said: “China’s position on the Kashmir issue is clear and consistent. This is a question that remains in the history between them. Pakistan and it should be Addressed by India and Pakistan through consultations and negotiation. ”

China shares this position with most countries, including the United States. The abandonment could be a serious setback for India as China is a member of the UN Security Council veto this. Any possible escalation, however, may not be as political as it is military.

Another victim could be the Sikkim-Tibet border agreement. China argues that the border was established by the 1890 Convention of India has not been said – and this is important.

In fact, the Declaration of 30 June does not mention the agreement. It simply refers to an “agreement whereby border points between India, China and other countries will be finalized in consultation with third countries”.

In an interview with The Wire earlier this month, former National Security adviser and special representative for the talks with China Shivshankar Menon said: “In 2012, the special representatives agreed that they would make trijunctions finalized in consultation with the third country in question.

This latest incident and the statements that this is Chinese territory are contrary to this understanding. “He referred to the special representatives designated by the two countries to help resolve border conflicts.

In other words, India does not accept China’s assertion that the Sikkim-Tibet border is established. Perhaps, Indian strategists believe that, as most of the border between China and India is discussed, why not add this 220km extension, especially since trijunion is of strategic importance?

In fact, there is a big difference in place names and interpretations of the border. The location of the same trijunction is discussed. India believes that it is Batangla, while China and the Convention of 1890, the ascent to Mount Gipmochi, 8 km to the southeast in a straight line.

The problem is that even the location of Gipmochi is in question, the confusion about a place called Gymochen: some databases identify it as the same place and others as different places about five kilometers.

And with respect to the question of borders, it is clear that war of words will not stop the Sikkim and Kashmir problems, and may even be the mother of all – Recognition of India to Tibet as part of China.


‘Shab’ movie review: A morality tale full of nocturnal creatures and yawns

Mohan young and amateur pavote in his business during a modeling contest. The boy from the small town often wants to be a model in Delhi, but right now we meet him, he has not lost his innocence and purity.

Covered with bright and tight pendants, Mohan is clearly a healthy specimen of manhood. What is your biggest asset, one of the judges asked. My smile, meets Mohan, playing with confidence and sincere thanks for the first actor Ashish Bisht.

As events have shown, Mohan has other uses for another judge, the wealthy couge Sonal (Raveena Tandon). It offers money and the promise of a career in modeling in exchange for the body of Mohan while her husband (Sanjay Suri) is away from travel. If Onab de Shab stuck in this track, instead of moving in different directions, it could have simply run like a moral tale.

Instead, Onir narrows the stage with other nocturnal creatures, none of the emotional graphics delimited by Mohan. Raina (Arpita Chatterjee), anguished, has a relationship with his French neighbor Benoit (Simon Frenay), while also working at a café run by his gay friend Neel (Areesz Ganddi).

Each of these characters achieves an opaque background story consisting of a uniform and downcast discharge over the collision. And sex. All other meetings early of preliminary emotion, only to end with a time passed by passionate love censorship.

The film Onir earlier, I Am (2010), helped to knit disparate bonds. In Shab, he was co-author with Merle Kröger, joining narrative nodes that are not possible to be separated.

Shab seems to make a big statement on ambition, migration, operation and sexuality, but his scope is limited by the hard dialogue, the poorer part (Raveena Tandon has his moments) and incredible levels of fireworks.

Delhi is represented as the sum total of a few blocks, hotels and restaurants and two districts, and the way the characters continue to be heard in relation to each other makes it smaller than a coffee capital.

The movie seems more suitable for Mumbai, but one of the reasons it seems to be established in Delhi is the variety of stations available. The plot encounters summer throughout the winter, although the seasons are not easily distinguishable from each other, since much of the action is situated in the interior.

The best moments revolve around Mohan, who receives the pretentious name Azfar by Sonal to mark his new identity. Mohan’s gradual acceptance of his well-endowed body is actually his greatest asset is growing organically, despite his affection for Raina is a difficult sale. Despite being featured in a film intended to criticize sexual objectivation Mohan struggles to belong and stand out is the saving grace of the film.


This is how wealthy prisoners can get luxuries in jail (just like Sasikala did?)

The first reports of Anca Neacsu detained by the debtor controversy Abhishek Verma were greeted with whistles. Pictures of her ride in the yard when they occurred shortly after the arrest showed a blonde platinum in an aviator suit and white white sunglasses.

Gradually, as the cameras were clicking pictures of her at Patiala House tennis, hitting 5ft 11 inches, stories of “mysterious” Anca and her past modeling have sprung up everywhere. Journalists frequented details received feedback on how Abhishek Verma was used, who was already jailed for bribing officials and obtaining information in case of flight from the Navy’s war room in 2006, as one before obtaining sensitive information from the Ministry of Defending.

The biggest story of her was that she was able to meet the Minister of State for Defense, NM Pallam Raju Congress. What is most striking about routine is that everything seems to be part of the punishment. The inmates are awakened at 5 in the morning and breakfast tea and biscuits is at 6:45.

Sometimes the bread, but was not properly served. Lunch is at 10:30 every day, and dinner from 16:30 to 17:00. The only change was that, sometimes with lunch, we serve them girls. Men, on the other hand had a bit of room to breathe, to take their dinner between 6 and 19 hours.

It is a routine, some are not accustomed, and the only ones who were good were those who had a special permission from the court to eat at home during their mulakats. Mulakats is the time for families to meet with the prisoners, which was twice a week, and a legal mulakat was a lawyer once a week. Special permission again meant that you had to be strong enough to hire a lawyer who would continue to renew your licenses.

For example, the district judge allowed Anca coma in his house during the hearings that he would be released from prison. It was almost every day with the three cases pending against it, and so it was quite effective.

However, the legal request had to include permits that the judges of the Saket, Patiala House and Tis Hazari courts that have given the same past. It also includes medical reports suggesting that spicy food in prison was affecting his health.

When Abhishek Anca first met inside the prison during the mulakat slot, he apparently appeared in the sweat equity. The sight of him surprised her more than many other things she had seen in jail.

“I told him to record this tracksuit forever,” he said. So your lawyers and relatives have brought the items into your regular wardrobe, which includes not only the Tihar prison, but also the legal community.

“Have you seen Abhishek? Take Hermes to court.” So a lawyer described me. It’s not that Patiala House and Tis Hazari have not seen the rich appear, it’s just that very few of them had shown their lifestyle like this before.

Tis Hazari with its narrow streets, streets with dogs wandering and urinals open contrast with such visitors who are almost unreal. This is the kind of place where my colleague went to the grille legal journalist to wear a sleeveless t-shirt, “ghoom Nangi- ho rahi hai ke yon (Why barefoot walking)?”