How is life at the National Defence Academy | Must Know the Adventures life


I am a cadet and an instructor at NDA. NDA life is great. I teach you to adopt a very good lifestyle, I have tried to follow up to now. The main characteristics are as follows:

Get up early and exercise regularly.

Can be carried out simultaneously games and training academics (preparation for tests) and there is no problem.

If you have been studying and exercising regularly, there is no need to panic before a physical test or an academic exam. Just follow your regular routine. I sleep at 10:00 or 22:30 in preparation for any exam much later in life after leaving NDA. My son and I had strong tennis and fitness sessions during their CA exams, “he said.
Facing difficulties together, we learn about the true character of his colleagues.

NDA training offers many opportunities for it. So make some of the best links not only stay with you for life, but also move on to the next generation. The daughter of my NDA classmate was my first student. He never tried to know what methodology was used to train the students. He knew me and it was enough for him to trust me to guide his daughter. Do not drop!
Apart from my classmates, I have many friends among those who were my students at NDA and they continue full faith in resting me and me too!
I am a great advocate of NES life for all years of training. The way of life was great for me and my family. Please adopt!
tough life

Life can be considered severe by many for the following reasons:

The training is extensive and includes both academic and external tests, including things like “exercise”, “physical training”, “weapon training” and special service issues for the chosen service: Army, Air Force Or the Navy. Students must pass all tests and failure means long-term decline.

For cadets who are not physically strong cross-country racing and pass fitness tests could be a mare at night.

For cadets mentally and physically compliant with the smooth hierarchical social life in 15 NDA Squadrons, each with a unique tradition and culture can be a challenge.
Institute of Great Leaders

When you learn to swim and change in less than 10 minutes, take breakfast and dinner in a few minutes, shave things used to shine your field equipment, use oil to make your table shine And shine the ground with his beret age costume inspections, brass buttons to shine and point to midnight, listen unreasoning to lower IQ people who have been accustomed to survive in adversity, and as they say a man become a child !

Future training in the respective institutes of the service


NDA cadets when they reach the respective training institutions of the Army, Navy and Air Force have an advantage over the cadets who come through the CDS and AFCAT entries because, having followed the rigorous training of the NDA . NDA training will keep you in high place until now you live!