United Airlines gives 2-year-old’s seat away to standby passenger

United Airlines gives 2-year-old’s seat away to standby passenger

United Airlines requires that children over 2 years old have their own entrances and occupy their seats, but that did not stop the airline from allowing a 27-month-old to be sitting on his mother’s lap after he accidentally flew his place.

Shirley Yamauchi said she and her son Taizo had boarded their flight from Houston to Boston June 29 – the last leg of an 18-hour flight from Hawaii – stand when a passenger approached and demanded that his seat was in Taizo.

“I told him that I had bought two tickets and he said he had the ticket in the dream.” He then prepares to sit in the middle, “Yamauchi told Hawaii News now.

Yamuachi said she tried to inform a flight attendant in the Taizo seat, but the woman said she could not do anything about it, since the flight was full.

Not wanting to make a scene – or worse, create an incident like the one that affected the age-old passenger who refused to give up his seat in April – Yamuachi Taizo sat on his lap and kept his mouth shut until he came to Boston.

“I started to remember all the incidents with the States in the news, the violence, the teeth are eliminated, I am Asian, I am afraid and I felt uncomfortable, I did not want these things,” he said. Hawaii News Now.

Upon arriving in Boston, Yamauchi was told to call a line from the United States to explain the situation. But when he finally succeeded and asked for a refund, he was told that states would have to cancel their trip back to Hawaii to do so, reports KITV.

A spokesman states to Fox News that the airline has already contacted Yamauchi to apologize for the incident.

The airline has also identified the cause of the careless assistance, explaining that the Taizo bill was scanned at the door.

“On a recent flight from Houston to Boston, they examined the inaccurate shipment of the shape of Mrs. Yamauchi’s son,” said United in a statement obtained by Fox News. “Consequently, her son’s seat did not appear to be registered, and he threw his seat to another client and Mrs. Yamauchi made her son for the flight.

“We deeply apologize to Ms. Yamauchi and her son for this experience,” the statement said.

“We will return your tickets and provide compensation as a gesture of goodwill. We also work with our employees to prevent this from happening again.”

“This is worrying,” Yamuachi said according to KITV. Everyone who helped me so far contradicted himself. With your suggestions, you must stop. United has made mistakes that make national headlines … but it continues. “

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