What Ahmedabad needs to do beyond celebrating its ‘world heritage city’ tag

On Saturday, the walled city of Ahmedabad 600 years has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, making it the first city in India to obtain this label. The Old City or the walled city of Ahmedabad stretches over 5.35 square kilometers and is home to havelis, ancient markets, clusters and historical shrines.

There is much to celebrate on the UNESCO label. On the one hand, extend the discourse of heritage conservation of cities rather than unique monuments that brings hope that more attention will be directed to the infrastructure problems facing these cities. This is good news for many other historic cities in India like Varanasi, Agra, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Madurai.

“Heritage” is a very controversial word because of what is called heritage is born of historical narratives, which are invariably also political narratives. A legacy is willing to be more equal than others, some stories are strongly affirmed and some are conveniently forgotten. Similarly, some heritage buildings are very important and some are ignored, depending on their political legacy. Therefore, a heritage city is wider than monuments.

However, celebrations are not ends in themselves and supports can not replace planning and public management. Our cities face perpetual historical challenges – the abandonment of historic buildings, traffic congestion, water and sanitation crises and waste management are some of them. So when we reclassify a city as historic heritage or town, we need to think again about its management and planning.

Conventionally, urban planning in India has ignored historical cities in defining them as “lord areas” (which excludes the jurisdiction of planning authorities) or officials have used draconian general prohibitions or procedures for the reconstruction of historic buildings Historic cities. We have no tradition of conservation planners and government architects working together to design building codes adapted to the historic areas of a city.

The discourse on heritage conservation has to move away from the “list and zoning” approach (where heritage buildings are marked in identified areas and conservation efforts), which deals with heritage buildings such as islands in the urban fabric in Place an extension of the area is located. We must move towards a more rounded approach to governance, in which a historic building that is treated as a facade or a sculpture, but as an extension of the life and culture of the street.

The conservation of heritage does not only mean adornment. If Mathura, considered the birthplace of Lord Krishna, lack basic sanitation facilities and is bordered by mounds of waste without picking up, then what use of painting and painting his ghats or decoration Jharokhas! Ajmer and that they should, with a sewerage coverage of 15%, spend Rs 300 million rupees for sailboats and various levels of parking?

Similarly, Ahmedabad also – while celebrating its heritage seal – will focus on its various problems. The famous ancient city that has earned this honor Ahmedabad is now a shadow of what it was.

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Why did 70,000 fans flock to a town in Tamil Nadu to watch Indians motor-racing in the early 1970s?

Eleven years, Ranvir Ranjit and his friends spend the whole year from the month of February. The first weekend of the month that I would go to Sholavaram. Packed in makeshift bamboo is with a maximum of 40 000 to 70 000 spectators, who would wait with encouragement for the climax of its year.

It was an airstrip in dispute World War II, where every year during the first two weekends of February until the late 1980s, the engines screaming, the smell of burnt rubber, machinery the exotic and crazy men that they all Gathered at a great carnival speed for today is still flown the largest celebration of Indian motorsport.

“You’re not going to believe the people in the stands.” Today, a good cricket stadium, on average, will receive about 50,000 people. Imagine then that Indian motoring attracts a group of 40,000 to 50,000 people. Used to wait two weekends throughout the year, “he added.

Tickets in all categories of motorcycles and cars, counted to more than 800, according to Vicky Chandhok who ran there in the 70s and 80s. The state government will put the bus in the process of transporting the fans who traveled from all over the India, and from the track.

There was even a thriving black market for counterfeit tickets. Much of Sholavaram’s appeal was the cars and motorcycles that have run. It was the pre-liberalization of India. There was no television and certainly no F1 or MotoGP beams to people’s homes.

Sholavaram was where they had their stroke and perhaps the only chance to see the exotic cars in action, just like the Formula 1 cars Vijay Mallya or Chevron B42 Chandhok and a number of other pure race racing machines. “I remember that in the 1970s when someone says BMW, eyes pop up,” recalls Anand Philar, a journalist who covered domestic motor sports for about 30 years.

“That’s why when word got out that the boys brought all the imported cars, including their Formula 3 cars and Formula 2, that turbocharged vehicles is one of the reasons why they had so many people in the races.” “I have a television or other distractions, if you want to look at something, you had to see literally,” he said.

“But now, for a period of time when everything is open, I had access to the information, I had access to the images.Now, for example, I look at the guys like Rossi and all those guys. To stay home and see that, without bothering to travel 200 miles to see a race, “added Philar.

Driving the rockets were a group of characters that were so varied and exotic cars as they ran. Starting from Mallya and Chandhok, it was not the legendary S Karivardhan, who later built the Formula Maruti cars have professional leisure stores and gave young Indian drivers a base to build their sports career.

Indy 500 regular Jim Crawford also ran Sholavaram, as Tiff Needell, who made a summary of Formula 1 and is best known for his role as presenter in the fifth gear a television show. Also attended were drivers and motorcycle drivers Sri Lanka.

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‘Business has been down’: Transporters in Kashmir want Amarnath pilgrims to come in greater numbers

Two days after seven Amarnath Yatra pilgrims died after the bus they were traveling in was attacked in South Kashmir, the carriers in the valley are worried about the business.

At the taxi stand at the tourist reception center in Srinagar on Wednesday, dozens of vehicles awaited passengers traveling to Jammu. However, few vehicles came to Jammu foot.

Images of a damaged passenger taxi in Monday’s attack also caused anxiety in Jammu drivers. “We are careful not to go to Kashmir,” said a taxi driver who was on the phone Jammu.

“In Kashmir, you never know when things get worse. It’s better to be sure.” At the Srinagar taxi station, business has been slow over the past year, following the murder of Hizbul commander Mujahideen Burhan Wani July 8, 2016, resulted in months of holidays and curfews.

“The business has been down,” said Javaid, a driver. “Yatris The deaths will not be a problem, we have problems. We are going with full capacity [in Jammu], but we are far away during the return.In Kashmir, there is not much work.”
Tuesday progressively grew as news of the attack spread, transporters, tour operators and other people involved in the tourism industry were the first to organize protests. They gathered outside the Enclave Press in Lal Chowk, in the heart of Srinagar, with banners condemning the “brutal attack”, expressing their solidarity to the afflicted.

The killings were against “Kashmir’s syncretic culture,” they said, “Yatris are our customers.”

Ghulam Nabi, president of the Association of touristic taxi operators, said that drivers traveling outside the valley, Jammu and other places, is not afraid of the negative reaction. But the attack on pilgrims could mean fewer guests.

“Some people have the heart to go on pilgrimage in God’s way, many do not,” he said. “They think it’s best to carry out next year.”

According to Nabi, there are about 30,000 taxis throughout the Kashmir valley. They are good for business during the summer months, when the pilgrimage is completed and tourism is at its peak. “By 2016, we had done a good deal in the months before July,” Nabi said.

The thinning of the tourist crowd resulted in rates now. “This year, companies make up 10% of what they were,” Nabi said. “Where we have earned Rs 2,000 per trip, drivers are Rs 1300 to Rs 1,500. For a passenger, there are 10 taxis desperate to make money.”

Bashir Matta, who runs the Welfare Bearers Association, said Valley Carriers wanted pilgrims to come in large numbers.

“Local people win because of them,” he said. “We hope that the pilgrims’ entrances will not be affected, and we have taken two months of activity.”

Referring to the attack, Matta said that this could happen in any corner of India. “Who knows what the agency was behind,” Matta said. “Why did the Kashmiris want the situation to become bad and affect us?”

He added that the residents of the valley “did not want the peace that they bother” during the annual pilgrimage.

The malaise 2016 has reduced the influx of tourists, the numbers were reduced in more of 55% with respect to the previous year. “In 2016, the number of visitors who came to the valley, stood at 6.23,932 of which 2.20,490 Yatris Amatath,” said a report in Greater Kashmir. But now, things could get worse.


‘Jagga Jasoos’ film review: A magical mystery tour with a top-notch Ranbir Kapoor

Anurag Basu, Brain and Heart Behind Jagga Jasoos probably has a list of the references, tributes and tributes that inspired his latest film.

We can see the search in comics, Bengali novels, children’s son, history books, video tapes of silent films and DVDs of classic capers and contemporary comedies and laugh at this stage and before deciding to throw the mixing scene.

The result is an extravagant, warm and palette film that never loses its spirit of infectious adventure, even most of its consumable times.

In his palette of colors, his incessant action his harmful and perverse cops, exotic places and views on the world’s most important subjects, Jagga Jasoos the closest Tintin comics.

The story is inspired by the incredible adventures of Jagga Jasoos, a detective among teenagers, Shruti told the journalist to a group of children acute.

The scenario is vitiated by events, always encouraging to move from one place to another, and are afraid to delay – or even have an absolute sense.

The 161 minutes of running time may barely contain too busy plot, hence, rush editing, sudden appearance and rapid disappearance of main characters and climax unchanged.

This is the kind of movie that starts to start in the meantime, and just say that for another movie at least.

Jagga (Ranbir Kapoor), an orphan with a terrible talk that only disappears when it sings, is adopted like a child by Bagchi (Saswata Chatterjee). He idolizes man who is his own Wikipedia and teaches him everything he needs to know about life, history and the detection of the basis of delinquency.

Bagchi disappears Jagga’s life for many years, but still sent a videotape to his son for his birthday. This is a decidedly analog world, invoking memories of a childhood that has not been ruined by modern technology and intrusive devices.

Years later, Jagga finally moved into adolescence. When he meets the investigative journalist Shruti (Katrina Kaif), an instant connection was forged before he could say “make fun of the crib.”

Jagga leaves his boarding school in Ukhrul in Manipur for a series of magical trips that took him away from home and they approach the mystery of the disappearance of Bagchi.

Shruti is snowed in Tintin Jagga, a faithful and obedient shadow who sometimes helps and sometimes disturbs his investigation. His clumsiness could be sexist if Basu had not invented a way of weaving in history – described as “unfortunate.”

The film belongs to Ranbir Kapoor in the best performances and performances of his career. Jagga is an extension of the dumb character Kapoor played in Barfi de Basi! (2012).

It requires the suspension of disbelief to accept the 34-year-old actor in his teens, but there is no doubt about his command of his character.

By working with a handful of lines, most of which are barely understandable due to your stuttering, and relying entirely on your screen magnetism, with expressive face and graceful body language, Kapoor is a delight.

The movie is as high as mysteries. Jagga Jasoos has enough a-ha moments to meet someone who has developed in popular culture and the press over the last few decades.

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In a concrete jungle, an Indian illustrator is drawing stunning sketches of nature

Many artists are obsessed with the beauty of nature, but there is a particular méticulation to the art Alisha Dutt Islam. The almost schematic detail with which it drains the trees, the animals and the birds has its roots in learning problems – dyslexia.

“My mother apprendait me through charts and diagrams,” said Dutt. “This reflects on my work.I’m just trying to keep everything simple.I do not like clutter, I love negative space.It has a very low retention capacity, and the design allows me to remember.”

Graduated from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dutt said she prefers to call nature because it gives her comfort.

“Growing up in the city, it was disconnected from the natural ecosystems in Calcutta and everything,” he said. “While living on the outskirts of Bangalore, in college, I found myself in relation to plants and trees.

It was one of the strongest links I’ve shared with another living being. ”

A freelance graphic illustrator and graphic designer and part-time art teacher from the 6th to 10th year of Shri Shikshayatan School, Calcutta, Dutt has also worked on a series of changes inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution and modern methods of genetic improvement .

She has experienced a series of flowers inspired by the common trees of Calcutta, which were part of her first solo exhibition at the Cafe 8 days and bakery in Calcutta.

Dutt realized his love for natural forms in a sculpture course in construction at Madras Crocodile Bank. “It was strangely comforting to work with the reptiles,” he said.

She has her mother escaped being Dutta, botanical artist Maria Sibylla Merian, Abanindranath Tagore, her mentor Srishti Alison Byrnes and Salvador Dali among their strongest influences.

Despite companies such as boarding school Bates and CHI and Amar Chitra Katha, she worked as a full-time graphic designer for six months in Calcutta. He said he was at peace in teaching.

The young artist’s most recent project on tropical birds was for a client in Jaipur called THEA. “The current version is still running the client and offers accessories that use these bird illustrations as inspiration.

The illustrations are drawn first hand and then digitally colored. “This is the bird’s first attempt at drawing.

Dutt experimented with oil colors, water colors, natural paints, acrylic colors, charcoal, wax, clay, metal, glass, papier maché with linoleum and wood printing.

He has recently created a botanical card game called Garden War, which tells the story of Bangalore transforming a barren land into the “Garden City”.

The game, which is a tribute to the German botanist and landscaper Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel as well as Bangalore trees, is a way for players to remember plants and their names.

“The memory game is an attempt to bring trees into the everyday vocabulary of children and adults,” Dutt said. “I have played in the concept of learning through repetition to help integrate knowledge of plants into a game.

Players must make their own gardens by marketing and stealing trees and securing their gardens against pests and ground sharks. “


Explainer: Why the Mumbai police charges against AIB seem to have a weak legal basis

Mumbai police presented a first briefing report against the group of comedians across India Bakchod for the publication of an image that was marriée by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, police said in a tweet Friday.

Police have invoked article 500 of the Indian Criminal Code which deals with criminal defamation and prescribes a two-year prison term for convicts, Hindustan Times reported.

The police are also included in article 67 of the Information Technology Act, regarding the dissemination of obscene material on the Internet and has a three year prison sentence for the first offense and five years for a second offense, according to The newspaper.

Although it is not clear who made the complaint, at first glance, the decision to invoke these articles seems arbitrary, lawyers said.

The controversy erupted on Twitter Thursday when a user named Reeteesh Maheshwari was scorned for a moriée photo Modi published by the comedy group on Twitter and Facebook.

The image is divided into two: on one side there was a photo of a man who looked like Narendra Modi standing on a railway platform, while the second image using a Snapchat filter to represent the Prime Minister with canine features. The image was titled “The dog filter is lyf”.

A Twitter user marked the Mumbai police in a publication with the capture of the image and urged them to act. Police responded quickly saying that the image was transmitted to his cyber ward.

After that, All India Bakchod has received tons of angry tweets critical of the users of images, which led the group to eliminate it. He did not give the group a break.

Twitter supporters accused Tanmay Bhat, a member of the comedy group, of hypocrisy. It was said that the group did not have the backbone to defend the Bharatiya Janata Party, although they were often dug in to the leaders of the Congress like Rahul Gandhi.

An angry Bhat responded by stating that it was his prerogative to put the content or remove it.

Lawyers say many questions arise from the FIR. First, who was the plaintiff? She has Mumbai police turning the tweets at random a complaint to reserve the comedy group. If this is the case, the section 500 he invokes is significant.

According to lawyer KM Vijayan, the police can not have any complaints against the private defamation parties if the perpetrators are not those who have been defamed by the content.

According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, which regulates criminal justice in India, where public authorities as a prime minister or head of government are being defamatory acts, the prosecutor could be invited to file a case on his behalf.

However, individuals can not take the role of prosecutor. The courts are likely to take care of complaints “recorded on the basis of private claims at random,” Vijayan said.

The curious case in the All India Bakchod is one that depicts Modi with dog ears can be considered obscene because the law clearly states that obscenity is related to the material, “which is lascivious or appeals to considered of interest.”

The Mumbai police might have referred to the Oxford Dictionary, which defines “lascivious” as “sensation or disclosure of manifest or sexual interest” or “lustful” as “having or generating excessive interest sexual problems, especially the sexual activity of others . “

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India Has Second Highest Adult Population Planning To Migrate: Report

United Nations: India has the second adults planning to migrate to other countries with the United States and the United Kingdom one of the most favored destinations, according to a report from the UN Migration Agency.

The United Nations migration agency, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in its report, “Measuring Global Migration Potential 2010-2015,” which analyzes the intentions of population migration worldwide to The period 2010-2015 noted that, in general, 1.3% of the adult population said they plan to migrate permanently within the next 12 months.

The most popular destination for those planning to migrate is the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, France, Canada, Germany and South Africa.

Half of those planning to migrate live in just 20 countries, led by Nigeria and followed by India, Congo, Sudan, Bangladesh and China.

In 4.8 million people, India has the second largest number of adults planned and prepared to migrate – 3.5 million people who plan and 1.3 million who are preparing.

For Nigeria, the number has 5.1 million people, 4.1 million Congo, and China and Bangladesh 2.7 million each.

Results from the IOM Global Migration Data Center (GMDAC) show that less than half of one percent of adults worldwide are actively preparing to migrate overseas. A follower in three proposed plans to migrate to a developing country.

West Africa, South Asia and North Africa are the regions where the potential of migration is the most important.

The study is based on data from the Gallup World Poll international survey.

“This unique global survey provides an important overview of people’s migration intentions and the profile of those most likely to migrate,” said IOM Director General William Lacy Swing.

The proportion of the adult population it provides to emigrate abroad has grown moderately in the world, but faster in some areas.

Adults who plan and prepare to migrate are more likely to be male, young, single, living in urban areas and more likely to have completed at least secondary education.

“Improving our understanding of people’s migration intentions could be useful for a variety of different policy goals.

This could help authorities plan migration, understand the best migratory pressures and to highlight the potential trends of migration in alternative sources of migration data are scarce, “he said.

The report, however, added that it is important to keep in mind that the extent of potential migration is not the same as measuring actual migration.

There are many reasons why a migration plan can not be realized, including political constraints, lack of resources, or a change of heart.

IOM Director General, Swing, added that the new study illuminates a trend that has emerged for some time, he said, is “a wide range of countries, rich and poor, that attract migrants.”

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what is the best inversion table on the market to buy in affordable Range

At present, the machine that is on the market and that is eminently transmitted is none other than the investment tables. It exists in different varieties. The organization that makes these investment boards focuses more on designing the best qualities and offering more efficient machines. This provides ample opportunity to make decisions about what is best and what is not. So we got to the point of exploring this new investment table.

No wonder they say that once you decide to take it home, you will not be disappointed at all.

The Ironman 4000 gravity the highest weight capacity of the table influences

Super Gravity 4000 design is made of a tubular compatible steel frame. This tubular frame comes with scratch resistant dust. With vinyl RAM foam that has a folder with a double seam.

It is such a formidable quality that it attracts your attention and this is its anti-slip hard rubber floor stabilizers, which helps reduce any movement when you are in the process of reversing, by adjusting the angles of the investment in providing the ability to Reverse the table up to 180 degrees.

It is no wonder that, with its best quality feature, it has won many critics and applause, praise. This is considered the best selling investment tables, as it offers you a great choice with its affordable price range.h

It maintains the weight of up to 350 pounds, which is higher compared to other inversion tables. It is very well equipped with vinyl side panels to facilitate the movement of the lower back with much comfort and ease.

This Ironman reversing gravity machine is provided with the holding strap, designed to take control of the reversing mechanism. However, it is advised by law to get another person to your side, to avoid being injured by the team.

This investment board has good water resistance that does not require much attention and takes afterwards. It is a double seam finish that promises greater durability and should not be used.

You can exercise this machine according to daily demands, and you will light up any problem by asking them to be bored, and it is worth saying that not for a moment, you will have to overcome your companion relaxing ride, because it accompanies

It also comes with the palm activated ankle locking mechanism which is a comfort amplifier and ensures that it is safe and harmless in every possible way. It was flawlessly packed with molded cushion functionality that offers the security of a firm grip around the ankles offering a comfortable movement.

Due to its highly mobile and convenient metal body, it is worthy of being praised and highly desirable. Seeing the strong market demand, it has become so valuable and expensive. It pays to make a one-time purchase. If you have never felt the sense of calm, you can opt for it.

Using this machine helps you to take any kind of pain that is so severe and nature. With the help of this therapy, it will be of great help to the cardiovascular and endocrine system, which controls half of your body.

This is so promising and investing in nature, this is the best part of the market that is very reliable and considerate. Its powder quality is what attracts your attention, which gives it durability and complete compatibility.

Its designation is so thick and strong that it contains multiple layers of foam filling which provides additional comfort. Once you have rested on the back along the smooth and smooth, you are definitely sure not to want to get up.


Is pain and discomfort normal during inversion? How should I deal with it?


The pain and discomfort are not at all during the inversion. In most cases, the pain during the inversion is due to too soon. You may also experience mild discomfort immediately after making the longer investment sessions. During inversion, when you feel pain at that time, it is best to stop the exercise and relax for a while. After experiencing pain, the next time you use the machine, you should also go down to the front and get accustomed mainly before progressing and increasing the angle.

Some of the tips that can be used continuously to improve ankle discomfort are; They have suitable footwear such as socks and lace shoes to provide a cushion and ankle support and make sure it has an appropriate fit, which can be done by adjusting the comfortable ankle locking system to protect you. If the pain after the investment becomes severe or persists, it is best to consult a doctor about it.


What is the best way to crack the GATE exam by giving the efforts in day time ?

To open the door, the most important things are:

You must believe in yourself!
You must have a deep interest in engineering!
You must have a burning desire to do it!
Must comprise Hardwork> Luck (or IQ).

Testing the ability of Engineering Graduates (GATE) is considered one of the most competitive exams after UPSC and JEE in India. It is used as a merit for admission to masters programs in various IITs and NITs. Since there are no individual documents for each discipline, competition is lower than the JEE, but it is still intense as some food sources (and other companies) recruit on the basis of GATE scores.

Contrary to popular opinion, GATE is a simple test. I see a lot of enthusiasm created by the management center people and alumni who previously Echelle demotivate many students every year. It is a sad thing when you know that criticism is really for proof.

The GATE tests are you just a good engineer?

If your answer is yes, there is no need to fear. Otherwise, be prepared to deal with this entire year put crazy effort to learn the basics of all core courses. For example, for EA include: power grids, electrical machines, control systems, analog and digital circuits, power systems, microprocessors and microcontrollers, power electronics, engineering mathematics, instruments and electromagnetism measurement. The entire basic and detailed curriculum is available on the official GATE reference site.

Is not easy. And the GATE exam is not a joke. But I would say that you can enjoy the process, if you focus on the right path: aim to be a good engineer, and everyone will recover! People just go so GATE (or similar tests) and lose attention, in building engineering capabilities in the process. Obviously, the result shocking. If you want a good career in engineering, you should be able to go through many obstacles in the future and GATE is a small milestone in this journey, my friend.

Anyway, some of the things that should guide in the preparations are:

Of course, all the learning and preparation for the 4 years of engineering college studies weigh heavily to get the right foundation! So, you may already have begun preparations for your college, even if you have not understood.
Students generally prefer high scoring in each half and above all leaves poor roots in each course. For 2nd / 3rd year students, no additional preparation is required. You just have to learn something beyond “passing your exams” or “marking good marks.” If basic are in place, it is much easier to perform well in GATE.
If you are still in college, be sure to attend all courses in the first 2 weeks of the semester. Because from the beginning, most teachers explain the fundamentals and applications of the course offered.
If the basis is weak, every day spending an hour or two in the morning understanding the “concepts” or “how things really work” in any subject would be of great use.
Be curious at the same time! There are many things that do not teach you in college, but you should know by interest. For example, the number of electrical engineers What do not know how a fluorescent lamp (fluorescent lamp) converts energy stored electron illumination? How many mechanical engineers do they know the correct size of a key that is used to change a punctured tire with a spare key? How many electronic engineers open their own cell phones?

How many software engineers open their own software, and who are improving RAM?

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Diplomatic Channels Will Continue To Be Used With China: India On Doklam Standoff

NEW DELHI: India has said it will continue to use diplomatic channels with China to resolve the Doklam and insists that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping had had a “conversation on a number of issues “Hamburg during the G20 summit.

There is a contrast between the armies of India and China in the Doklam region in the sector of Sikkim, where Indian troops prevented Chinese soldiers to build a road on June 16

“We have diplomatic channels available.We have embassies from both countries.These channels will continue to be used,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Gopal Baglay said on being questioned about the single Doklam trigger the month.

He also referred to the comments of Foreign Affairs Secretary S Jaishankar during an event in Singapore on the subject.

M. Baglay noted that there were well-established and mutually agreed mechanisms to address differences in the border issue, as well as tri-unions.

“I refer to the information we posted after the meeting (in Hamburg). There was a photo I had tweeted.

There was a brief text … said during the informal meeting of BRICS leaders in Hamburg in the framework of the G-20 summit, BRICS leaders held an informal meeting was organized by China. ”

“The Prime Minister and President Xi Modi had a conversation on a number of issues,” Mr. Baglay said when asked about comments by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman that there was a bilateral meeting between the two leaders.

However, he refused to give details on the “set of issues”, saying: “It is not for me to comment on the reasons given by the two leaders.”

On the question of whether Doklam also organized during the “conversation on the range of issues” between the Prime Minister of Modi and the President of China, Xi Mr. Baglay said: “There was a conversation between them.

There were a number of problems that have been the subject of this conversation. ”

He was asked if his remarks on Doklam’s diplomatic resolution oppose indicate a shift in China’s demand for the withdrawal of Indian troops from the region, indicated India has already indicated its position on the issue.

In strong rhetoric in the Chinese media warns India against Mr. Doklam Baglay said: “This issue we are dealing with is a serious problem and this has implications we are still committed to this issue ….”

If national security adviser Ajit Doval was traveling in Beijing on July 26, he said there was no information yet for now.

M. Doval, who is the special representative for the India-China border talks, is expected to visit Beijing on July 26 to attend the meeting of BRIC national security advisors – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Mr Baglay also declined to comment on the recent meeting between the top Chinese envoy and Congressional Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, saying the Foreign Affairs Department did not comment on the activities of embassies and political parties.